Everything About Production

Nov 19, 2020


The show was only nominated for four Primetime Emmys in the technical categories of production design, stunt coordination, sound editing, and sound mixing. Space Force was inspired by President Donald Trump's real-life decision to establish a sixth military branch focused on Space. Carell created the show with Daniels. Since The Office remains one of Netflix's most popular acquired shows, the streamer jumped at the chance of having a new show starring Carell and ordered it straight to series in January 2019. Carell was reportedly paid $1 million per episode due to his multiple roles, including co-creator, actor, and executive producer. The show's main cast also includes John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, and Tawny Newsome. In a THR interview in May, Yang compared the series to "The Office that's shot like a $100 million Marvel [movie]." Daniels also described the show's lofty visual ambitions. "This is a much more cinematic, big-scope show, but you know I think that they will recognize the sense of humor that's behind things. And maybe the sort of spirit of an approach to human beings," he said. Space Force isn't the only project Daniels launched this read this year. He also developed his passion project Upload, which launched on Amazon in May.


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