Traffic Standpoints

Nov 21, 2020


"I don't think I can work there anymore, which is a shame," Favaloro told the gaggle of reporters. "I'm 61 years old, and I would only have four years left anyway. I've been with the department for 25 years." Town officials are reportedly not pleased with how the firefighters chose to handle their grievances. "Regarding the letter, the Town of Rockport and its Board of Selectmen find this method to be inappropriate and not conducive to sharing concerns," the town's press release reads. "The town hears the concerns raised by the staff and commits that it will review the matter using its normal processes and procedures, as well as outside resources." Shmink was named the town's first director of emergency services in June 2019 and has served since. Favaloro said Rockport firefighters have been pushing back against his leadership. According to the letter, Shmink "has no firefighting experience, does not drill with the department, and has no regard for our status as volunteers." The letter alleges Shmink is taking full control of the department and limiting Fire Chief Jim Doyle's leadership. It also claims Shmink has not allowed firefighters to train for months due to a petty grievance he has with them. Members of the Rockport Fire Department believe Shmink's actions are an attempt to weed out the volunteers and replace them with full-time staff. The town has denied there are any plans to replace the volunteers. "At their public meeting (on Tuesday), the Board of Selectmen and town administrator all unanimously spoke against any transition to a full-time department and voiced support for the current structure in town," the town's statement reads.

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